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Wall Ties

WTF wall ties are manufactured to meet the requirements of today's various pouring methods. They are made of cold rolled steel. We continually perform quality control testing to ensure that all of our ties yield a minimum pull strength of 7,200#. Click here for tie placement chart.


Two Hole

concrete forms_two hole tie(SRN)Single Rod Notch (SRN)

concrete forms_DRN tie Double Rod Notch (DRN)

concrete forms_TRN tie Triple Rod Notch (TRN)

-4" Single Notch only,
-6" Single or Double Notch
-8", 9", 10", 12" Available in Single, Double or Triple Notch
-Specify Nominal or Full
-Unlimited tie length available


Three Hole

concrete forms_three hole tie concrete forms_three hole tie attachedThree Hole Tie: Used at top of concrete form with the aluminum waler brackets

-4" - 6" Single Notch only 6" - 8" Single or Double Notch
-8" - 10" Available in Single, Double or Triple Notch
-Specify Nominal or Full
-Additional sizes - Single or Double Notch only
-Pin ONLY at shortest length (ex: DO NOT USE an 8" - 10" tie as a 10" tie)


Four Hole CombinationTies

concrete forms_4 hole combination tiesMulti-dimensional ties are used when changing wall thickness. We recommend use of 50% more four hole ties in seam than would normally be used.
-Single Rod Notch - any length
-Specify Nominal or Full
-Ties available in metric sizes


Round End Ties

concrete forms_round end ties

-Available in 6" SRN, 8" TRN, 10" TRN
-Specify Nominal or Full


Breakback Ties

concrete forms_breakback tiesBreakback ties are vertical break ties designed to break back into the wall at specified dimensions.
-¾" - Standard Breakback
-Other sizes available
-Any length
-Specify Nominal or Full
concrete forms_tie attached  concrete forms_breakback tie  concrete forms_breaking ties  concrete forms_breaking ties
Breaking ties is accomplished by striking downward with hammer or utilizing the WTF Tie Breaker Bar


Reusable Aluminum Bar Ties

concrete forms_reusable aluminum bar tiesReusable aluminum bar ties are used as bulkhead bars as well as top spreaders for laydown applications. May be used with the standard pin and wedge. These can be used as brickledge bars to nail wooden brickledge to top of concrete forms.
-3/8" x 1 ½" x wall thickness to 12"
- Single or Combination
-2" x 2" x 3/8" x wall thickness greater than 12"
-Specify Nominal or Full and Length
concrete forms_reusable aluminum bar ties attached  concrete forms_reusable aluminum bar ties


Reusable Pull Ties

concrete forms_reusable pull tiesconcrete forms_reusable pull tiesDesigned without rod notches and break-offs so they can be easily removed from a wall and reused. This is designed for markets with very low labor costs.
-Maximum tie size is 8"
-Specify Nominal or Full



Tie Sleeve

concrete forms_tie sleeveThe tie sleeve is used with the reusable pull tie. This sleeve allows for tie removal.


Internal Housing Ties

concrete forms_internal housing tiesThe internal housing tie is used in conjunction with the WTF Housing System. This tie has a 5/16" breakback on both sides of the tie. Once the tie is broken using the WTF tie breaker bar, the breakback allows plaster to be applied directly to the concrete without the tie interfering in the plaster process.

Product #TTSP0400002101


External Housing Ties

concrete forms_external housing tiesThe external housing tie is used in conjunction with the WTF Housing System. This tie has two different breakback points. The first breakback is 2". This is designed for use with the WTF foam and tie retainer. Once the concrete has been placed the tie is broken using the WTF tie breaker. This tie breaks 2" into the wall and solves any thermal bridging that can occur with steel in the concrete wall. The second breakback is 5/16". This is designed to be used on the internal side of the external wall. This breakback allows plaster to be applied to the interior of the wall without tie interference.

Product #TTSP0600002104


Foam and Tie Retainer

concrete forms_foam and ties retainerThe Foam and Tie Retainer holds insulation in place for insulated concrete wall applications. Once concrete has been poured, it becomes an attaching point for various external finishes.

Patent #5,987,830

Assembly required


concrete forms manufacturer WTF
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