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Pins and Wedges

The Pin and Wedge system is simple and fast, allowing unskilled labor to be quickly trained in the use of the equipment. Standard pins and wedges increase efficiency in any application, while special applications such as laydown, corner, and radius applications are made simpler with WTF specialty pins and wedges.


Standard Pin
Straight Wedge
Curved Wedge
Flathead Pin
Combination Filler Pin with Head
Straight Filler Pin
Pax Pin
Curved Pin

Standard Pin

concrete forms_standard pinconcrete forms_standard pinOur round, tapered pins have a milled wedge slot. The shank is designed to eliminate pin sag and improve ease of stripping. Pins are made from steel and are heat-treated for long life.


Product #SPI10000000000


Straight Wedge

concrete forms_straight wedgeWedges are used with pins to tighten adjoining concrete forms. Securing the tie and concrete form in place.


Product #SWE10000000000

Typical connection with pin and straight wedge:

concrete forms_pin  concrete forms_pin and straight wedge concrete forms_pin and wedge  concrete forms_pin and wedge


Curved Wedge

concrete forms_curved wedgeCurved wedges have the same function as straight wedges but the curved shape allows for easy insertion and less risk of damage to face of concrete form.

Product #SWE20000000000


Flathead Pin

concrete forms_flathead pinconcrete forms_flathead pinsThe flathead pin is used when pinning through a single rail or when placing concrete against an existing wall. Also used in laydown applications, such as 36" x 96" panel, to pour a 36" tall concrete wall. For smooth wall
applications ONLY!

Product #SPI20000000000


Combination Filler Pin with Head

concrete forms_combination filler pin with headconcrete forms_combination filler pin with headThis pin passes completely through 2" aluminum fillers and connects adjoining panels with a wedge. To convert to either 1" or 1½" filler simply insert duplex nail in the appropriate hole.
Combination with head - 1", 1½", 2"

Product #SPI01152000000


Straight Filler Pin

concrete forms_straight filler pinconcrete forms_straight filler pinThese pins pass through appropriate size fillers and are connected to adjoining panels with wedges.

Product #
1" ~ SPI01000000000
2" ~ SPI02000000000
3" ~ SPI03000000000
4" ~ SPI04000000000
6" ~ SPI06000000000


Pax Pin

concrete forms_pax pinPax pin is slightly longer than our standard pin. Used with pax forms and special applications.

Product #SPI30000000000


Curved Pin

concrete forms_curved pinThe curved pin is used in special corner and radius applications.

Product #SPI40000000000


concrete forms manufacturer WTF
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